Saturday 4 February, 2012

February Wishlist

I want
Mental anarchy and social peace
Roger McGough Omnibus
The right size in Hush Puppies
Less cricket, and far less fuss.

A non-stick pan that knows it’s one
Dark chocolate in the fridge
CSI with some more fun
Less troubled water under the bridge.

I want
Blue jeans and red corduroys
That dark-wood Fabindia cot
My sister’s brain and a three-year-old’s toys
A t-shirt that says, “Out, damned spot!”

Water bottles that fill themselves
Automatic breakfast on waking up
Floor-to-ceiling laddered bookshelves
Adrak storm in a blue teacup.

I want
Computer skills, fewer bills,
A bowler for a boyfriend.
Blue hills for weekend thrills
A Garfunkel-shaped bookend.

Wendy Cope and the Mad Hatter
Dissecting my head
A short man with a tall ladder
Fixing the light bulb above my bed.