Tuesday 24 April, 2007

We Are Family Fair 2007

Temple's day out! Power cuts are our best friends. Having nothing to do last evening, some of us went to the Family Fair. If you haven't heard of it, it's okay; no one has. But if you want to go, it's near Ulsoor. At the Naga Road junction. Ask anyone- they won't know. And I think we should do this again. Yes? Next time, I want a picture of the cotton candy.


Everything you ever wanted to know about the Gun Shooting Prize Game.

Brave Columbus People. I'd pay a small fortune to see that look on Vijay's face again.

Torra Torra!

Inside the 3D Magic Thing

Left to Right: Rithwick, Vijay, George, Divya, Divya. No, not a typo.

Left to right: Rithwick, Vijay, George, Anoopa, Divya

Monday 23 April, 2007

My spermatozoa is better than yours

At this rate, the Times of India and its interest in science will render the Indian male completely obsolete. And this is not just about the S.I.P.* brouhahahahahaha. Last week, we read heartening reports about the average Indian male's umm, performance timeframe. Twelve minutes it seems. By far the shortest umm, window.

And science doesn't seem to favour men in general. A group of German scientists have created a semi-evolved version (as opposed to...) of sperm cells by isolating specific stem cells in bone marrow. Bone marrow. Come on, you guys! Centuries of chest-beating, chest-hair-growing, growling, grunting, hunting, fighting, self-superiorising, patronising, patriarchalising and all along, what made you essential for human existence was in MY BONES? Good grief! I feel stupid on behalf of myself, my contemporaries and all women before us.

No reason to panic, though, it’s going to be simply ages before anything life-changing (get it? Get it?) takes place in this area. The minute it’s actually possible to have half-decent swimmers created entirely out of a minute portion of our elbows, people will start questioning the ethical and social implications of marrow jizz. Give me a break. Male behaviour with all its many shortcomings has been accepted, embraced, ethically ramified and even encouraged by virtue of the fact that they were capable of creating those little sailors. Now that those little sailors can come out of my collarbone, maybe it’s time to start questioning the ethical ramifications of allowing a man to continue to live.

Fact is, none of this is making me feel better. Why? Because I’m stupid- it’s my USP.
The ability to produce better sperm, and maintain better milkshake doesn’t keep one warm at night.

*S.I.P.- Small Indian Penis

Tuesday 17 April, 2007

Appu's birthday

Here are some pictures from last evening at Windsor Pub, where a bunch of us got drunk on account of Appu having attained puberty. All these pictures have Appu and Mayur only. Because they were doing the entertaining and because they were right in front of me.

Big strong Appu

As Eric Clapton once said, "Hang on, hang on, hang on"

As Mayur then said, "I look better without my glasses".

Mayur considers the length of Appu's sideburns

Look mommy! No Sideburns!

Appu pulls a Gwyneth Paltrow

Appu then pulls a Kate Winslett

And finally, he dazzles us with Pamela's Andersons

Tuesday 3 April, 2007

Addicted to XKCD

Woo. Hoo. People like us.


I'm really enjoying this. Click on the title link.

In other news, turns out The Saab and I don't have girls. We have boys. So, please meet Foucault and Bonzeaux. Strange are the ways of mice and cats.