Wednesday 24 August, 2011

Seize the Dame

Lately, I’ve spent too much time idling:
There are three dead hands on the clock
The telephone has turned into a rock
All our coffeeshops have drinker’s block.

I’m leaving now
To see if the sun will come and play.
But you–you should stay.
You’re too preoccupied with ceasing my day.

Title courtesy Kiran Mascarenhas, who says these things.

Wednesday 3 August, 2011

Tuesday Haiku: Of time travel and helplessness

This week's Tuesday Haiku, in keeping with tried-and-tested irony, is ready on Wednesday.

Comparative Haiku
In a candy store
children do not wait for crumbs
like I do for you

Bright Light Haiku
For Kiran
Disco-lit auto
every evening going home
I seek time travel

Monarch Haiku
A big butterfly
in the pit of my stomach
dying of darkness