Saturday, 26 April, 2008

The Secund Innings: An Introduction

It's unfortunate that I don't have a Rahul Dravid to write a foreword for me; he would've done such an excellent job.*

Thing is, I've moved. To Secunderabad. It's where it's at, these days. It's the fun side. No, really. Come and see! If you survive the journey from the airport to Secunderabad,you will notice that the reason you've been unable to breathe, is because it's about 39 degrees in the shade. Celsius, man.

I made the relatively minuscule step for mankind in order to concentrate more on my writing. I'll be working with a publishing house, and I'm here hoping that this will be the change of scene that will help me write more and write better. When I learn to breathe again, of course. Or stop sounding like Toni Braxton, whichever happens first.

So there is good news for the 4.5 people who read this blog- I'll be writing regularly! Yay! I'm so happy for you.

I have a pretty little house a little away from West Marredpally, a job to look forward to, two people I know in the city and lots of Minute Maid. Hopefully, I am adequately armed to take on life without all my friends, maternal and paternal influences, the three dogs I miss like a madness, a coffee shop, a tavern, music, radio of a certain colour, a small bespectacled man and another who isn't. Bespectacled.

Minute Maid.

* If you haven't already read Steve Waugh's autobiography 'Out Of My Comfort Zone', you should. Look out for a brilliant foreword by Rahul Dravid.